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How does it work

Collagen, the main components of skin is what provides it with support and thickness.

In young people, the levels of collagen are high which means a firm and soft skin. From 30 the skin is not so active and its regenerating activity slows down and even more from 40, when the skin has less collagen, loses firmness and deep wrinkles and expression lines begin to appear.

Due to their small molecular size, the peptides that make up this treatment, can penetrate through the skin protective layers to reach the deeper layers, activating and stimulating there collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production.
Novia con peinado

Active principles

Peptides are molecules commonly found in nature and with varied functions such as antibiotic, regenerating, neurotransmitter for collagen production, antioxidant etc

ARGIRELINE : designed specifically to fight expression lines, it can effectively improve wrinkles, make the skin more healthy and elastic. It has meant a real cosmetic revolution.
MATRIXYL: it increases collagen by compounding with aged cells, giving resilience to skin as well as improving wrinkles. It repairs and preserves the skin tissue. It also accelerates the healing of skin wounds.
Copper Tripeptide (GHK-CU) Amino acids from plants are synthesized into functional molecular structures to increase collagen in the skin, smoothen wrinkles, heal wounds and regenerate the skin.


This product prevents skin aging as it contains fruit extract of Oriental Raisin Tree which is a patented ingredient for anti-aging and whitening effect. This product aids blood circulation and fat decomposition as it contains green tea extract, caffeine, beta-glucan, and Green No. 8. Moreover, it decomposes unnecessary fat, adjusting facial line as well as keeping the skin resilient.

It will leave your skin feeling bright, youthful and replenished.